PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

You can use this software to practice and improve your piano skills

PianoFX STUDIO is a great application to practice your piano skills. With this software, you can play the piano as if it were a real one. Each key on your keyboard will play a different sound. With this nice application you are going to be able to add different effects such as bass drum, snare, high tom, cymbal, bongo, timbale, agogo, tamborine, conga and claves. The application comes with 64 piano keys. The audio quality is pretty good. Perhaps, it would be great if you could hold the keys for a bit longer, but still, the application is great.

If you know someone who has a piano and you don't, you can use this program to learn some songs and then surprise them with a nice concert. You can use Internet to download or view music sheets and then practice them on this cool piano.

Depending on what kind of song you want to play, you can adjust the sound by selecting some of the available piano styles. You can choose acoustic grand piano, bright acoustic piano, electric piano, celesta, clavinet, music box, tubular bell and many more.

A nice feature of the program, is that it allows you to record your own melodies and then play them to listen to what you have created.

The program is not free but you can use it for a period of time for free. There is a trial version on the developer website.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It helps you to practice and improve your piano skills
  • It comes with 64 keys
  • It has a very realistic piano sound


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